Pulse 2

Lights, Camera, Action. Plus Music.

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We’ve reimagined music listening with the Pulse 2 — an innovative speaker that combines portability with impressive light shows and big sound.

The new Pulse 2 features a public SDK and a suite of powerful APIs. Empower your next application or IoT project with the striking combination of lights and sound.

Color Sensor

Detect a color or measure the brightness in the immediate area.


Measure sound levels in the surrounding area with the built-in microphone.

Assignable LEDs

Assign a color and brightness value to individual LEDs.

Color Broadcast

Send a color pattern over BLE to a nearby Pulse 2 (master) and repeat this pattern to surrounding Pulse 2 (slave) speakers.

Download Pulse 2 SDK

Download V1.0 of the Pulse 2 SDK to start building mobile-based and embedded-IoT solutions.

Developer Documentation

Learn more about getting started, available APIs and sample apps. Includes code samples.

Sample Apps

Color Splash

Share a color pattern from one Pulse 2 to another Pulse 2.


Check ambient sound-levels using the Pulse 2’s built-in microphone.

Sunrise Alarm

“Wake up with the sun” – the Pulse 2 will gradually brighten up until the alarm sounds. Use an external weather API to match the Pulse 2’s color to the day’s weather.

House Alert IoT

Connect Pulse 2 to Wink’s IoT Hub to interface with door and window sensors. Light-up visual cues let you know when the house is open.

The Pulse 2 can travel anywhere, allowing you to create apps that leverage connectivity and mobility.


Lighting Array

99 Assignable LEDs (9 H x 11W)


Bluetooth / BLE V.4


Embedded Single Mic


2 x 6 Watts Passive Radiators


6000 mAh

Color Sensor


Color Splash

SDK sends 24 bit color number.

Pulse 2 accepts commands from the SDK to change the lightshow color.

Bit Map Send

SDK sends 11 x 9 bitmap.

Pulse will change existing light pattern to reflect the newly received bit map image. This pattern will then be stored under the "custom" setting.
Within the Pulse 2 firmware, a lookup table will allow the SDK to send only 1 byte per LED and convert to 24bit value.

Color Splash

SDK sends 24 bit color and re-transmit command.

Accepts command to change color of lightshow. Pulse 2 will then retransmit to all compatible Pulse 2's nearby.


SDK sends request for the Microphone level.

Pulse 2 will average the sound level received by the Microphone over 1 second period and return a normalized value of 0-99 to the SDK.

Color Picker

SDK requests color picker value.

Pulse 2 returns current read value from the color picker.