The First Ever Open API Headphones.
Now With 9-Axis IMU and Programmable Smart Button!

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Harman is leveraging the power of IoT to enable a seamlessly connected lifestyle. This vision is one where products and apps, work together seamlessly to extend the functionailty of the products and the apps.

Developers can leverage the power of native SDKs to take full advantage of the various features Harmans products have to offer.

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Imagine a home that adapts to your mood. Speakers that automatically stream Beethoven when you’re feeling stressed and play pump up music on Saturday night. Imagine a connected environment that captures your energy and elevates it. A home that takes great moments and makes them extraordinary.

Harman has set out to reinvent the way we view entertainment technology. We want to work with you, the developer, to create new applications that will shape the face of the future so that people can stop focusing on the logistics, and start focusing on the moments that matter most.

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