Wireless HD Audio SDK Features

With the Harman SDK, your apps can target core speaker functions.


Volume Control

Define Rooms

Specify SSS

Send Audio

Speaker Status

How-To Videos

API-Enabled Products

Omni 10


Omni 20

Sample Apps

The downloadable sample apps provide examples of how to use the SDK APIs.

Designed for iOS, these apps work with the OMNI series of wireless connected speakers.

HKWPlayer App

The HKWPlayer sample app plays MP3 audio files with OMNI speakers wirelessly. You can create and manage a playlist of MP3 titles from iOS Music app library. The app also supports Apple Watch. You can play audio and control speakers from your Apple Watch.

iOS Music app library

Wake Alarm App

The Wake sample app turns your OMNI speaker into an highly programmable alarm clock. Choose what music to play as well as what speakers to play it through. Wake up to your favorite music no matter where you are in the house!

Page Broadcast/PA App

Use Page to turn OMNI speakers into a home PA system. Record a voice message on an iOS device and broadcast it to the speakers of your choice.

Time - Timer App

Time allows you to set a timer - when time is "up", take notice by sending music through the OMNI system.

Web Hub - HKWHub App

HKWHub app is an iOS app that uses HKWirelessHD SDK and acts as a Web Hub that handles HTTP requests to control speakers and stream music. It enables any types of connected devices (e.g. sensors or smart devices like tablet, smart TV, etc.) and cloud-based services (e.g. SmartThings) to connect HK Omni speakers and stream music. HKWHub runs a web server inside that handles HTTP requests of REST API.

Simple Music Player - HKWSimple App

HKWSimple app is a simple music player that was created to explain how to create an app with HKWirelessHD SDK. This app is very simple but contains key features of HKWirelessHDSDK such as manage speakers, control audio playback and volume, play local media files, web streaming audio, and so on.