Why Harman

Harman is leveraging the power of IoT to bring entertainment to the connected home. Join the Harman Developer Community to build apps that expand the power of Harman products and enable a seamless connected lifestyle.


To innovate and improve upon everyday technologies; to entertain and connect people; to share in and bolster the moments that matter most: time spent with family and friends.

We are inspired and driven by a curiosity that is intrinsic to all great innovators, like the fathers and mothers of invention that came before us. Figures such as Percy Spencer, the inventor of the Microwave; Josephine Cochrane, the inventor of the Dishwasher, and Harman’s founder Sidney Harman, have all improved and made everyday tasks simpler and easier. Let’s continue to blaze this trail of innovation, together.


These basic tenants represent what we are all about: straight-forward, mutualistic, and fair. Working together needs to be easy, with clear expectations.

  1. Everyone deserves a fair shake: the relationship should be mutually beneficial - be it financial or public recognition.
  2. Respect and commitment to the program: Harman promises to support developers and the program over the long run.
  3. Easy to use: documentation, SDKs, and samples should be easy to use, follow and implement.


For Harman, Sound Matters. Since our founding in 1927, we've pioneered the realm of audio technology.

1934: World's First Concert Hall Speaker. 1958: World's First Stereo Receiver. 1999: Soundsticks is the speaker ever showcased in NY's MOMA.

We continue to reimagine and reengineer - we leverage our past to influence the future. We want to work with you, the developer, to share ideas, build concepts and create novel applications that will shape the new face of entertainment technology.